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so you finally released it

havent seen you in a long time, though i still remember the sketches you did and i gotta say its been worth watching the final thing imo

i like how your characters move around, i always have though im not really fond of your style, and the storyline is interesting with the exception of when one of the fight scenes starts to look like a typical "battle of epic proportions" but thats just me

despite my personal taste, i still think its nicely detailed and colored and all and imo it makes it nevertheless enjoyable to watch altogether

so kudos for your hard work jazz

JazLyte responds:

Oh shit teh Hammi

Thanks for the good review and for being objective about it. The fight scenes however, I kinda like this format. I don't like subtle fight scenes that blend in with the surrounding scene, I love that moment in a cartoon when the music changes and you know that now somebody is about to get their ass kicked. Preciate it tho =)


your style and gerks style mold well with each others here, creating a single distinctive style... i am mighty impressed how you both were able to work it out together

awesome, its great to see you in animation frenzy again... been a long while since i checked on your stuff, i gotta catch up hhhhh

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

I really want to paste that link to urban dictionary here. You have no idea how great my temptation is right now. I am visibly sweating.


FP? Just great, now my old mug from the art forum is for everybody to see. Itll continue to be the shittiest for no matter time we browse to. Oh well.

I hope youre satisfied with the award though JKAmovies, kudos for the flash set up. :)

PS: removed 1 star out of 10 for my part.

JKAmovies responds:

lol, thanks.

Your part wasn't that bad man :P

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Very very nice job

This years tour turned out really great. Lots of great entries. Oh yeh never mind mine. Heh.

Some entries were meme related, others were quite original. I actually liked this year better than the last. A lot more artists than before, and even more eye soothing pleasure for all viewers... also beware of giant clitoris and penises. Sigh. Well anyways great job. :)

Now this is the sort of art collabs id like to see

It was entertaining and fun to browse thru the great pics. My favs are my man Havayosunu, TOAS, UnderARock, Amyeh, Saza and StoneColdSoul. But shit, that Seek & Destroy pic is da bomb, literally lol. What i miss is the way you guys could set up the tracks (i dont know shit about actionscripts). There was only one track looping, so yeah it wouldve been even cooler if i could click on a title, and both track and pic would come up. But nonetheless, this collab seems quite awesome, im gonna fav it. Hurrah for a good organized collab :D


Omg my entry is so embarrassing...

The fun fact about me had me laughing my ass off. My entry sucks tho, its friggin weird and old... and comparing it to what ive done these days makes me crawl together in a corner. Yeah stop looking at the pupils, I KNOW WHAT YOU THINKING!! x_x

Anyways, there were many good entries in there, good job everybody. I like the way it has been differently set up now, much more interactive than the previous project. Sweet. I hope there will be a next year so i can make it up for my screwup. And until that time comes, i will definately be prepared >:(

Luis responds:

thnx for the chocolate x 2

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thats all i needed to hear

i love you

Stalagmite responds:

hehe! why thanks! i love you to chicken piss :D

Really hot dnb track

quality packed and carefully composed, no faulty inconsistency here either in term of drums backed up by the bass elements. Id say youve done a terrific job in recreating a top notch sound here cuz this aint sloppy from what im hearing here. You actually know what youre doing here.

Btw, would you happen to be influenced by the dnb group State of Mind? Cuz thats what this track sorta reminds me of, the same straight forward merciless style. Or maybe Black Sun Empire...?

Ah well anyway, great preview. Would be pretty nice to hear the full track one day!

This is the best noir song ive ever heard on NG

Yup, thats what my title is implying.

Thanks a bunch to Wasim who linked me to this. Lovely lovely lovely track. Mmmm yes. Perfect.

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my head fell off while studying this oozie

DaveB0rt responds:

its almost halloween

Dam boi

mine is a joke

you sure took good time doing this so cool stuff, very nice colors

yeah pretty clever, great job

Pixmintro responds:

Thanks man, I really liked yours lmao.

da mother of all butts

comin right at ya

Im not an artist, im a dreamer...

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