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Very very nice job

This years tour turned out really great. Lots of great entries. Oh yeh never mind mine. Heh.

Some entries were meme related, others were quite original. I actually liked this year better than the last. A lot more artists than before, and even more eye soothing pleasure for all viewers... also beware of giant clitoris and penises. Sigh. Well anyways great job. :)

Now this is the sort of art collabs id like to see

It was entertaining and fun to browse thru the great pics. My favs are my man Havayosunu, TOAS, UnderARock, Amyeh, Saza and StoneColdSoul. But shit, that Seek & Destroy pic is da bomb, literally lol. What i miss is the way you guys could set up the tracks (i dont know shit about actionscripts). There was only one track looping, so yeah it wouldve been even cooler if i could click on a title, and both track and pic would come up. But nonetheless, this collab seems quite awesome, im gonna fav it. Hurrah for a good organized collab :D


Omg my entry is so embarrassing...

The fun fact about me had me laughing my ass off. My entry sucks tho, its friggin weird and old... and comparing it to what ive done these days makes me crawl together in a corner. Yeah stop looking at the pupils, I KNOW WHAT YOU THINKING!! x_x

Anyways, there were many good entries in there, good job everybody. I like the way it has been differently set up now, much more interactive than the previous project. Sweet. I hope there will be a next year so i can make it up for my screwup. And until that time comes, i will definately be prepared >:(

Luis responds:

thnx for the chocolate x 2


I love this game^^ Quite funny to play. I enjoyed playing it. Great job Wonchop. A 5 for you indeed!

Wonchop responds:


Kickass, simply put >:D

This game pwnz, great fighting game. Gotta add it to my favs! :D

I love this!

This is almost perfect for me, with this i can improve my skills and try advancing with more improved art, especially when it comes to sketching heads and face. This will really come in handy for me! Thank you very much, i bow in great gratitude^^

5'd and faved!


This game rocks! One of the best shit ive played around:D I especially loved when i unlocked the last character rofl. And that theme by it XD I recognize it from good ol' Tetris... ahh those were the times ^^

5'd and faved!

I love this game!

I really got the SMB feeling when playing it, it almost resembles to the real game! Just perfect! All program settings in it are made perfect! Great efforts! Sensational! Lol, yeah really great ^_^

If you dont got SMB classic or melee but you love playing it whenever you get the chance to, this is definately the game for you! Plus there are new characters that youve never thought that they could fit in to any SMB games :D

Warning: Dangerously addictive gameplay may cause you to skip school or class XD


Lots of effort and creativity in this! Ive seen already a couple of "real" flashes from you guys several months ago before summer. And now you come up with an interactive real life flash, which proves that you guys have improved and becomed 5 times better at making such flashes! This ones a fav ^_^ Looks like youve been redecorating stuffs in your bigass house lately... why im mentioning it? Well err, yeah that made absolutely no sense at all XD What im thinking is that why dont you do your future flashes at your friends house too? Just suggesting you know :P That would be cool, because we all would then see THEIR houses too XD Just kiddin...

Keep it up, i expect more real life flashes to come! Ive been sayin this since you came up with your first flash: You guys have come up with a totally new idea and created a whole new genre in the world of flash, congrats!

Yay thats awesome man!

Metal Slug watergunwar edition XD That was really cool, it was fun to play that! Two thumbs up ^_^

Im not an artist, im a dreamer...

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