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Where do i succeed when my plans go flop
rigorous movements before i pop
breathe some mint
from my breath before death is on my block
fill the void of a dead mans worthless spot
in a blink
then nothingness appeared, and fear is not
my issue still i feel the phantom pain some lot
waste the absinthe
if i were true but sympathy is as hard as rock
my feelings re-merged and reset and time to lock
my inner jinx

Newgrounds. Heh. This place. I dont know how to look at it anymore. Seems like its really full of people coming from all corners of the world. Well, from every corner of the US at least. I feel like im about to vomit if i keep on thinking of the same things. Im just a tired Paki aged 22 with no real accomplishments in any field whatsoever. Just tired. My mind has been raped. Its drenched in internet piss. I was a good guy with ambitions, at your service. But things have taken a drastic turn. Now im that scary dude to be avoided. Been hanged out and shot at. Hated for my opinions. Crossed over. Cut contacts. Been called ignorant and an asshole, while they show little or no commitment to their past time loyal selves. Evil aura present, evil aura gone. Hypocrisy. Really, who needs this shit? Done witnessing my own total collapse. I dont even know myself anymore. No more pain. Only smell of my own consciousness. Grabbing a vine at a time. Maybe im heading to another trap. If im stuck then im done. Letting go and falling to the depths of my own mental black hole. No longer existent, only the echo before the hole wrapped itself around my tired gasp. Im gone. Oh it doesnt matter. Im a ghost, remember?

Im currently attending at the University College of Østfold, in Norway. Digital media production. Now you know where to find me. Bring a friend (and finish the job). And i finally got me a Macbook Pro that i had planned on getting. Yo. Expensive as shit but my crotch is already on shish kebab stakes because im falling behind, so no complaints. Gotta use it more often too, like now. I need more practice using FinalCut Express but i keep procrastinating so bad. Same thing thatll fuck me over in life... eventually. It already cost me my time and face here on NG and elsewhere so fuck me. Currently doing media stuff so yeah. Literally nothing achieved so far, but i hope so from here on. Itll take a miracle to breathe new life in me, so im gonna vanish from the face of the internet. I know you gonna beat off like an animal as soon as this sentence ends. Go ahead. Lola Bunny is calling. Time to lose your wear. Fuck off.

I had fun here, whether you hate me or just dont give a shit at all. If i ignore all painstaking dramas and the numbers of encounters ive had with dumb faggots, things were pretty romantic and dreamy. But, its up in smoke now. I shall end my almost endless complaints and criticism. Dead persona. Nor bad, nor good. Ave Maria rings in my ears. The other side awaits me. With my last breeze of exhalation, i want to thank Luis for bringing out the best of me. And MindChamber for enlightening and pushed me along with the now inactive users even though its past but it meant to me a lot. And rtil for mentoring me on thebackalleys. And Anigen for that image im about to receive lmao. And Red for taking interest in and regarded me for my music. And former newgrounder ALBQjew for da respect, wherever youve gone i hope you have succeeded in your goals which regarded to animation and your style development. And Frolikyn who never seems to be around anymore and i wish i could see if he has gotten more artistic. And artists such as Nogfish, TurkeyOnAStick, WPS, Swain, Jeff, Gerks, Blordow, LaserKarl, BizarroJoe, Hans, Ansel, BlueHippo, TomAzza, Catoblepas and YungJazz in no particular order for all the great art they put on display for us to enjoy. And audio artists like NemesisTheory, Rucklo, Bad-Man-Inc, Evil-Dog and ParagonX9 for giving me years of worth music to enjoy. And oh of course, thanks to Wacky Wasim for unconditional support while being by my side literally every day. And Gamers-Gear the swede who still pursues a dream like i did but has never given up so far. And to my past time buddies Test-Object, Havayosunu, ChaosCrunchy, ThePsychoSheep and Chrisseh. And Zee of DA who has given me a fun time conversating just about everything that comes to mind, shes a good sista. Shes currently having a hard time so i hope she takes care well while i give my condolences...

I never wanted anyone to feel bad. Ive had and still got lotta luv and support stored for most people because i genuinely recognize and salute them. But complications have held me back. If you dont see your name here and you know me, then i obviously got a problem with you and you got laid the fuck off or i just dont remember you anymore. I only recognize the purest of pure people and those who i admire.

The only project left here on NG that i participate in is the yearly Sketchbook Tour 09 by Lou, so when it comes out then make sure and dont miss it. A lot of good artists have given a good share of their effort in it.

With this, i bid ye farewell. My hats off to my true folks.

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