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Hammi's News

Posted by Hammi - July 3rd, 2008

Once again its on laddies, another year of good will and loyalty. As a devoted NG artist and an art enthusiast, the curtains once again open for the bright and proud contributors. Therefore im sharing my yet to be planned plans with you in case you dont know whats goin down this part of the year.

NG Sketchbook Tour 08

Yes bitches, its once again on. NG is, and always will be global business. And this year, i will not tolerate a shitty entry from my side. Its been already a year, and during this time of space ive studied and learned so much. This global project means a lot for me, and its fun. And i am proud to be a part of it. I am doing this for the sake of art. If i already knew that my art was total shit, i would NEVER join. I would only bring shame to the whole concept. A fucking disgrace. Believe me, i am that humble towards this project. And i am very focused on doing good. I do NOT intend on making the audiences eyes bleed, so yeah imma whip my ass up real good. The project ends somewhere between August-September. Still waiting for my copy...

NG London Meet Up III

Now im not quite sure, yet. Luis has announced a new round of meet up at London since last time, which i dont really remember when it was. Well, if i do get to go i will have to book in to a hotel for a single night, which may land on a price of £119. Plus paying for the plane tickets, it aint gonna get cheap. At first i thought id just crash down at Luis' place but i dont know of the circumstances yet. Living on a flat with 8 others, it would really get crowded there. So far im good with a hotel room, even though its pricy but necessary. Still got like 2 months ahead, but it will get around the corner in no time. So i hope the plans will be a lot clearer real soon! And oh, those of you who live near London + having a Grounds Gold account are welcome to join. But err, you better be prepared for a looooooong night. Big kidz only, 18+. Sorry. So if you come all the way to London just to meet up for the day, i hope youre old enough to hang around at the bars at late night. And oh, the meet up is officially for one day only.

ZM Comic

Its supposed to be a secret so im not gonna yap that much about it. Just to let you know that anyone can join the project. The only requirement would be that participants have to register themselves on ZM to be able to be a part of it, unless they are specific guest stars. Basically its a comic for ZelloMesh.com. Im the author of the story since i organized and established the comic. The other participants work on their own random comic strip(s), where they are free to theme it to anything they want. Keep in mind that their part is theirs only and are not included in the official story. However, they can offer their help on how the story should be developed further ahead, and ill make a poll about it as soon as the first issue is finalized and when ZM is relaunched. PS: the comic is planned to be launched along with ZM's redesign countdown. We'll see if ill be able to beat the deadline. Please visit ZM for the countdown! :)

That was all for now. Thank you for tuning in!

As a reward, heres a video starring Robotnik with his penish remix.




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Posted by Hammi - June 10th, 2008

Im really busy nowadays, and lazy for the days to come. New news post coming sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon to a cinema near you

For now, enjoy the Rocket Brothers by Kashmir.

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Posted by Hammi - May 10th, 2008

for ruining yet another fad by the one and only Anigen.

Hello there, and welcome to my rant. Today im addressing to an important issue. This issue is easily adapted with help of greed, stupidity and self-importance... wait, that would almost be in the same category of dumbass. Anyways this issue would easily backfire on certain people everytime they start thinking with their asses. Sometimes, some people got their heads stuck in their ass so far that their mind and their behinds become one. This is the case with Wonchop.

I cant explain how saddened i am after Gerkinman had informed us about what that rascal of a monkey has done just recently. The story? Well, theres this one thing too, the TRUE fact that Wonchop is a one hypocritical son of a bitch. He talks trash about Anigen and treats him as a worthless hack, and at the same time he rips off Anigen because it spinned off being popular with
Rtil.. Why? Because Wonchop is an overrated stupid faggot, thats why. First he betrays him leaving him behind, then he comes back trying to squeeze out some more fame out of something Anigen had started. This is really pathetic, and a dumb move. As i dont really give a shit about that monkey, at least i gotta point the finger at him and shout out "HES THE TRAITOR YOUR MAJESTY". Because whenever he humps a fad, a monkey needs to be shot down from the trees. STOP STEALING OUR FRUITS YOU STUCK UP MONKEY. You dont even like us you stupid shithead. Go back to throwing poo, like you always do.

And oh, not to mention all his fanboys. Oh God, i remember when i was introduced to him for the first time. I feel so ashamed. But people! Its not too late to change. If you can see what im trying to bold out, then youve gotten one step ahead. One step out of his crappy world, like a one goddamn City 17. Full of zombified fanboys ready to bite your head off if you ever disregard Wonchop even once.

My suggestion to Wonchop is that you pull your head out of your ass and wipe it clean, and go back to sucking Weebl's dick. Hey no disregard to Weebl, i really like him and i respect him. But i think Wonchop should stick to what hes been assigned to, and stop fucking with other fads. Now look at that whore. Tramp.

Thats all i had to say today. Thank you for tuning in.

Lets congratulate Wonchop

Posted by Hammi - April 19th, 2008

And he drives kids crazy. Then he cooks them in a microwave and eats them.

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Posted by Hammi - April 16th, 2008

... and so will i. Alright then.

Since Bug and Zekey stole my video link that i was saving for this moment, ill just have to post some other vids from my sleeves and hope that it makes up for the other one. Its not as good as the previous one, but i guess its quite good enough. Also an excuse for me to use this feature. I give you:


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Posted by Hammi - April 10th, 2008

You wanna know what i got in store for you? Really? You see, theres this really really really fun game that ive been watching for a long while now. All YouTube Poop lovers out there who are unaware, let me introduce you to an all new exciting feature game: Dezzans Super Robotnik Land!

You take control of Ivo Robotnik, aka Doctor Robotnik. None other than Sonic's old nemesis. And what does he exactly do you ask? Wreaking havoc with his giant robots? Sends deadly inventions after Sonic? Shoots missiles from his base? A BIG FAT NO. What he actually does is knocking enemies off the radar with his PENISH. Thats right :D

Its simple. You play in a side scrolling platform very similar to the Super Mario Bros game. You can walk, jump and err, smack hostiles with your penis. BELIEVE ME, ITS REALLY THAT STRONG. And actually, its not all about Sonic anyway. All of you who are familiar with YTP (YouTube Poops), knows that these poops are usually mixed together and edited into a silly mess that appeals to the immaturity inside of us. Game/cartoon spoofs in other words. They will either make you laugh, or rape your sanity. What im trying to say is that the game covers a good deal of YTP characters, mainly from the CD-i games from The Legend of Zelda series.

This game was originally a joke originated in one of CraaazyCat13's poops, which you can find here. Later then, an inspired user by the name DezzanRobotnikLand (ironically the same name as the game) decided to realize it and therefore, he has brought us this wonderful game. Its a beta game though, but its still playable until he has finalized the game entirely. For now, it consists of only 4 levels i think. I cant wait to play the full game.

You want it? Its yours my friend, as long as you got enough rubies.

Below is a screenshot from the game play, with Robotnik swinging his penis.

Ill update with a new post when the full version is announced. All creds and respect goes to CraaazyCat13, and all the hard work to DezzanRobotnikLand.

Whats left for me to say now? Well, i guess i should wish you good luck if youre gonna play it. And have fun. Now if you excuse me, im gonna swing around with my


Dezzans Super Robotnik Land! (game)

Posted by Hammi - March 3rd, 2008

And thats an obvious fact. Now die.


ROCK ON BITCHES!!! hay guyz it's jus me chillin in my crib here w/ my dog and i jus got a new webcam and i tried it out man im so SEXAY! it's something U will never be, FAG!

- betty

AIM: bigboydick22

My news posts are boring

Posted by Hammi - February 14th, 2008

After many weeks of waiting, i could finally get my hands on a Wacom Volito2. It might not be a big deal for some of you with Graphires, Intuoses, Bamboos and Cintiqs (Jeff is a happy bastard now isnt he). The thing is that ive never had a tablet in my whole life. Not even tried one before. All i ever had was some blank sheets, a pencil and an eraser. Basically ive been using traditional mediums all along. The only time i used digital paint was when i used to doodle at work with a mouse. While i used to roam the art forum, everybody would talk about how easy and fun it would be with a tablet. "You kno, TABLETS ROCK!" "im so gettin totally badass with my wacom ^_^" "Tablets kick ass and you should know that :D" etc...

Peculiar that everybody would be so excited over the features a Wacom serves. And oh yes, it sure is worth the money too. I could visualize how it would be having a tablet in my lap while kicking back scribblin. And if i could get my hands on one, then it would make my online art activities really come to life. Tbh, ive been fed up with bringing up sheets, dusting them off, scribbling with a pencil, continuously rubbing with an eraser, ugly stains on the paper sheets and then continue the progress with scanning them in. The scanner lets me down with its shitty lighting quality, so i have to run the files through Photoshop to adjust the light settings. Then off they go to my galleries. But that wont be the case anymore... for this time being. THATS RIGHT, i got my TABLET now people. I think ive already fallen in love with it.

Without a question, it will make my online contributions much easier than ever. And of course, i just HAD to play with my joyful toy, So i started scribbling like crazy. Here are some random shits ive dropped. Not a pretty sight, but this is obviously my first time using Wacom. Meh

Im just happy now, thats all :)

Bigger image available here.

FINALLY i got myself a tablet

Posted by Hammi - February 8th, 2008

Posted by Hammi - January 31st, 2008


finally the much anticipated DIY Munny Competition has come to an end. Maybe it isnt such a big matter for you average NGers out there who mind their own business at the portals and the BBS, but to all the fellow artists who participated in the competition, this has been quite a remarkable project for all of us. And for me, i cant stop thinking of how err... magical this whole thing has been for me. It was simply fun collaborating in this project, something that has been a challenge for some of us due to this new brilliant idea Luis has come up with. This type of medium that has been put on test by NG contributers. And the result, a great bunch of wacky WZL figurines each reflecting their own style by the artists. And i agree that they all have deserved their own spot at the NG office in Philly 4 eva.

About the winners, i personally agree about the decisions taken by the judges Luis, MC, Bob and Mikey... lol sorry i mean Swain. Great job on picking them out guys, keep playing the cards right. Its not just the winners that i got on my mind, i also liked some other entries too just to make this clear. And HEY, winning isnt all that matters (ugh i sound so cliché). Actually, for the first time on a long time, im feeling like i dont need to win to gain respect. Respect goes out to those who even bothered to stand in line for the project, and i definitely think that they deserve lots of kudos for that, and this is exactly what im doing at this moment. This is my shout out to ya'll guys, never think that youve been missed out <3 Ive seen you all showing up and stuff and i can tell you, that there would be no fun without all the contributors and all the artists who all went together to make this project a massive success. And im thankful for that from the bottom of my heart.

Ive been indeed moved by the competition. It started out as something totally new for most artists here, into a massive organized compilation of WZLs. One thing i was terribly sorry to hear was when i was talkin to ZekeySpaceyLizard the other day, when he told me that he had pulled out of the competition. He was rather displeased with his results. It was rather sad cause it reminds me of that time when i once used to think that i was a failure... Well, even though you might not be interested, i really hope you do reconsider for a next year buddy! Im serious.

Well, i think im done with my speech now. For those of you who bothered to pay attention, thanks for err... bothering xP Lets have a big applause for everyone who was a part of the DIY Munny Competition, and i hope to see ya'll soon again this year. Thank you!

Snapshot of some of many entries made by fellow artists. Can you see mine? o_o

Celebrating the DIY Munny Competition