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Moved out

Posted by Hammi - September 9th, 2009

Oh look, Hammi is still around. [who the fuck cares]

... not really, im dead. But i thought id fiddle a lil with NG now with updates since last time when i did my part in this years edition of NG Sketchbook Tour. Yeah, BIG WHOOP. Well honestly, that project is really the only thing i got left here on NG, so i am ever thankful to Luis for being awesome. And to MindChamber, even though he possibly dislikes me now and annoyed with me since my recent negative spout on this site and for my useless art thread on the Art Forum being bumped by some few who actually respect me genuinely. The site i used to dear for some time, until i learned about the faggotry that exists here, which is regrettable of course.

MC, i still love you like a bro but i hope you can understand me as a person whenever i spout negatively about some issues. It might seem like im endlessly bashing everybody but im just locking my hammer down whenever people think they can fuck with my kindness. So there. Still luv ya, hope you do the same. :]

Anyway getting to the point of my post, i have moved out. Settled down near my campus, about 35 minutes away from uni by foot. (i got my very own mini kitchen holy shit good for me!) Im focusing on media and digital production nowadays, its sorta tricky but i hope to overcome that thought asap! Im also in need of a MacBook Pro. No you idiot, i really need it. Its essential for my studies and possibly for my future as well.

Im also thinking of laying off the internet life style. No more dramas, no more false friendships, no more hassle with incompetents. Also no longer shall i be bothered with people treating me like a clown despite sharing what i got left of love with them. ReNaeNae regretted about how i became "cynical and bitter" on my last post, and she wanted me back as my old self. Well, theres obviously a reason for my negativity aint there? Ive explained countless of times about my situation but hey, this is newgrounds. I better watch it now before MC thinks im being hopeless with my continuous "bitching". (not attacking ya im just sayin, still luv ya!) I am mad obviously because i dont feel alright. And why dont i feel alright? BECAUSE OF PEOPLE STABBING MY BACK. I dont feel appreciated either. And therefore i better get my useless ass da fuck outta here, until next time Lou plans to make an appealing event.

I also found out that i got unscouted from the Art Portal. How lovely. Not that it matters much, even though rtil was the one who gave me a pat on my butt and gave me a go. I just think its funny how i got bumped outta there, ever since people on the Art Forum bumped out on me. Either some dipshit who doesnt like my style/artwork and wants me out, or some faggot who doesnt like me as a person... and wants me out. I mean how many times have i heavily beaten myself down for producing absolute shit? But still remaining folks kept telling me its all in my head and that i do make "pretty cool stuff". But now im suddenly unscouted, and what does that say about me as an "artist"? Either its all that, or its just the DD who recently went loose on the Art Portal fucking everything up... according to what i have learned from my good friend Wasim, who is one of my few REAL friends left who are actually FRIENDS and not "friends". Flashy rings and Benz.

All i can say is:



My opinion stays. The Art Portal is gay. At least the community is. To those who lost anything in the mess: too fucking bad. WAAAAH. Fucking elitists. I believe NewShape also had something to say about this matter. I read his thing and LMFAO. Go find it, its a great read. Thanks Wasim for the heads up.

And the Art Forum? Ummm nope, i already told ya. Sorry ReNaeNaeeeeeeee, but they will kill me. :[ (youre still the kindest mod i know of <3)

Here are links to what i just submitted in the Art Portal, some posters i did for a project in uni:

Eat it 1

Eat it 2

Go ahead and rip me apart for being so unoriginal. BREAK MY E-NOSE. After all, im "just a hammi".

Thats all i had for my input so far. Stay sane and keep off other peoples nuts. Theyre not worth the picking, unless youre... you know. GAY.


ps - this track is dope as hell, give it up for Black Sun Empire and Noisia:

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Comments (1)

Liked your art, but yeah, things can be shit when you're in such a wide community over the internet, you'll always get some asshole who will hold something against you for some stupid reason, but that's just the way it is.

that is quite true, but theyre still humans so im just trying too hard on the internet HEH

honest opinions are always welcomed even though i wanna know what exactly people like about my art, but yeah thanks i guess