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Hey you know what?

Posted by Hammi - October 17th, 2008

I suck.

You knew that? No matter what i draw, its the same kindergarten toilet waste because my style is like a german tutti fruity cereal mix that you suffocate on before you shit it all out the other day. Ive been struggling for some time now to develop one, but its still a shitty half-assed monkey fluid waste of a style. You see:

- my style is asfkjsajkg

- im an extremely envious bastard who takes on competition like a war

- my ego meter is far higher than ever before

- i sketch a lot of bullshit

- ive become a pushover

- i endanger other artists with my sarcastic and stuck up presence

- i cant do anything goddamn right

- everything ive learned and striven for has gone down the toilet bowl

So there! Now theres no reason anymore for any of you guys to look forward to my entry at the NG Sketchbook Tour 08. Whoopsie-dee-doo! Oh but i might be wrong you say? YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF AND IM PRETTY SURE YOU ARE ALL WRONG!

Hey you know what?

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........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ FAGGOT!!!

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"i suck"

made me lol. you don't suck at all.

If you really say so... thanks :)

Vinny99 was just here leaving a comment.


If you suck I suck shit.... YOu'Re a very good artist don't feed into anyone else's crap man you da shit

If im really da shit, how come nobody gives me a piece of fuckin recognition? Ive been spreading love for years but im still stranded like a hungry bitch. I deserve all out respect for my work but everybodys rather busy sucking dicks. I fucking hate the art forum. Fuck em all. Im gonna fuck somebody over real hard if this continues. Fuck this shit. Fucking faggots.

Thanks for dropping by out of the blue, for whatever reason that brought you here i dont know.

...you hate the art forum? What would make you not hate it? what, in your opinion, could be done to improve it?

Personally, I think you have talent, but you squander it. Sometimes I see stuff you've done and think 'wow, hammi did that?! he's really improving.' But I think you need to challenge yourself and stop doing the same old stuff. And PLEASE stop with the junk posts! You're wearing out my delete button! ;P

I just think that the art forum has become a frustrating place. My efforts are easily overseen and forgotten. All the time ive put down and spent on the art forum has become a waste. I have no longer respect for the forum because everything ive done doesnt appeal to anyone anymore, either its because my artwork is shit or theyre all just a bunch of pretentious dipshits... well i admit there has been some few changes now recently, but ill see how far that will go. At least you know now why ive become a stuck up guy. You will probably say that i dont give anything time. Well, ive given 2 years of my time just so you know. And im already a crazy nut.

Since youre here now, im just gonna say that... i personally think that youve been a good mod ever since you took over MC's spot on the art forum. Bright and still merciless at the same time lmao. No one can smartass around you. And i appreciate a lot that youve come here to talk it out with me. Although... the only way i get attention is when i yell and bump into people caused by frustration, and not by the artwork that i showcase. Is this why youre here, because im a vulgar guy?

Many people tell me, "you got talent" and "you got potential" over years. If thats how its always gonna be, then what difference will my artwork ever make? Its still not good enough. Thats why i dont even really admire my own skills. I hate self-centered shit. I mean i do work hard and even harder to fill in the expectations. It just nearly kills me in the end when i feel unappreciated.

I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts about my work. I just want to know what people think about it so i can measure my work. There have been times where some specific crits have made me fall way below the bar, to total collapse because i was convinced that i wasnt fit to do art. But ive recovered from that now thanks to some of my real art buds around here who stood by my side. And yeah, i will try challenging myself even more over time (although some of my early attempts were utter failure). Thank you for encouraging me ReNaeNae, it means a lot that you took your time to help me.

Oh yeah, you do know now why i like to spam the forum sometimes. Sorry. :\

less whinnying more practice

Learn to spell

before you go suck a gun

I'm gonna say it as it is really, I've ssen your art, and you're good. You're better than most people on this forum, but worse then some also. But that goes for all of us.
Though this art forum is helpful to get critique and opinions about your art, it is not the place to promote it.
As it so simply implies, this is a forum, forum = discussion.
Deviantart is a better place to promote your art, though it's harder to get recognized.
Which brings me to another topic; WHY people get recognized.
Well, obviously, people produce interesting art.
Now, to take your drawing in this news post as an example; it's not a bad drawing, but it's a boring drawing.
There's nothing visually appealing about it, except that it's well drawn.
And that's why people don't go apeshit over your art. It's not because it's bad, it's because it's boring.
I dont really have a magic formula which tells you how to make exciting drawings, but I can still tell when a drawing bores me.
I've seen crappy art make me laugh, and good art make me scroll right past it.
You need to open yourself up and put more of yourself in your drawings I guess, try out different things, experiment with styles and color, I don't really know.
Just don't draw to get famous on this forum, or anywhere else, draw because you love it.

So my art is boring...

ok. Thank you... well im already doing some new moves. Nonetheless i know now that ive been digging my own grave for me to only bust my guts all over in a shit pit. Ive been a useless piece of shit. Goddamn it, ive fucked myself. how did this ever happen gggggghkjg

Wow, I didn't expect such a long reply ...but I know how you feel! Like Sode said, you have to do art for you! Not for recognition or praise from others.

When I first started posting stuff on newgrounds, I would always ask people to be brutally honest in their critiques/comments. I either got 'that's nice' or ...nothing at all... and it drove me crazy! I know some people get offended when someone points out a flaw or says something negative about their work, but I'm not one of those people. I WANT to know what I messed up on. When you've worked on something for any period of time, you loose your 'objective eye' and you don't see things that are blatantly obvious to others. If no one ever points them out, you'll keep doing it until it becomes this subconscious habit that sucks to break! So the fact that people are giving you feedback... whether it's positive or negative... is a really great thing!

Sometimes you have to wade through a bunch of bullshit comments (from people with their head's up their asses) to get to anything useful, but even they can say something that might actually be of benefit... like the difference between 'you suck' and 'your characters look like they have a stick up their ass'. The first comment is obviously useless, but the second comment might be an indicator that you need to work on giving your characters more realistic, relaxed, or dynamic poses. (I just made those comments up, not saying they apply to your art or anything! lol :P) You just can't get defensive, and you can't let it get you down! Either ignore it or try to take something beneficial out of it ...just don't get discouraged! Draw because you enjoy it, not because other people do! I know it sounds sappy, but when people draw with passion it really does reflect in their work ...and that applies to all things in life, not just art!

LOL! I wasn't expecting to *give* such a long reply! See what you made me do! ;P

P.S Thanks for the modding comments, I won't go into it here, I'll leave that for a crying session on my own page. ;)

Your art work does fail hard.

yo Hammi dawg I'mma send some art tips aheadin yo way
so sit down and open ya' ears cuz I got some shit to say

regarding that big guy you posted
his neck needs more detail. give it more defined edges yo
and I also doon't like how all of your stuff is so
sketchy. bolden it up, put more confident and..more connected lines.
that or at least try to clean the lines up.
I realy like the way you draw the hair.
also try to define the facial features more, It's hard to tell what feature is what, and the chin is too sharp.

but aside from my overscrutenization, your art realy isn't bad

you push overrr

Hammi, if you feel down about your art style, try someone elses for a while, try as man peoples style as you can till you find one tat makes you feel good to draw.

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