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Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.

sorry pal

been to hell already, i got bored there



gonna miss you from the forumz.


do you even actually remember me?

seems like im pretty much all by myself now, and people who used to support me are all ganging up against me or are just ignoring me or couldnt care less...


you are an inspiration to us all

i am an inspiration to f

Aaaaall byyyy myyyseeeeeeeelf. Don't wanna be... AAAAALL BY MYSEEEEELF.... No more.


i got a head with no screws in it

haha, wow...

i got a pretty strong opinion on the art portal as you can see, so dont think im being a thebackalleys goon or something like that cuz i dont give a care about anything

to be honest, i thought the portal started out okay but i already knew it would become so much more than this

it would become gayer and gayer imo, thats what and whaddya know it never caught me by surprise

dont tell me youre taking a front against me AGAIN for criticizing elements of NG... i know its your workplace and all but c'mon man, i have a need to express myself and that without having to worry about you taking offense :|

thats just the way it is, i wasnt chained into loving NG forever you know, there will always be things that i dont like about the site... just so you knowwwww

haha, its fine,

sorry that you don't like it. but at least the majority does, and they are helping us with crits, and suggestions,. Plain ol' bitchin' only gets you so far.

But hit its a stress reliever, so have it! ;)

its not really the technical part im irritated at, i just dont enjoy the company of users there

as far as i know, majority users of NG will always be the same way they are and hey arent they like newly registered folks who joined the minute the portal was announced so that they could draw a bunch of fan art and whore themselves out and get most of the praise that they dont really deserve?

and the fan art they draw are made by dozens and bury original art, unless theres something really good that can overcome the fan art submissions but the same artists then become overrated and it then becomes harder to discover other potential talents that keep dwelling in the shadow of a shallow userbase

kinda like on the art forum where people think alike, it pisses me off

and since youre like proud of NG as a whole, i guess you will never stop viewing my opinion as "bitching"... well hey if theres something i personally think is wrong then dont expect me to mingle around cuz the spot probably stinks, and by that i dont mean the whole NG fyi

Well, what you said to me in your reply just now, wasn't bitching. It was a coherent and valid point, that needs to be addressed. Your original post however, contained no pros , cons, or suggestions, So yeah, that was bitching.

Anyways, I agree we need a more obvious method to bring the cream of the cop to the top, and let the fan art linger at the bottom , as it stands there's two ways so far to do this, one is to view by score, and 2 is to favorite any pieces that deserve favoring. These are only two ways to separate the cream from the crap.

But I agree there needs to be more ways.

thanks for your input.

Yeah, i guess i got tired of addressing to issues in huge posts over and over again so i just threw it out there cuz whats the point of typing up a huge wall of text when no one is gonna take it seriously anyway... i figured ill just explain it to people LATER when they ask about my news post. Feels more relieving.

And only if it really was that idealistic, concerning viewing by score or favoriting submissions. Actually, its just hopeless. How do you know that the piece youre about to view is honestly that good/unique as the score is implying? You never know cuz its Newgrounds. Ive already lost faith in people here because no one really cares unless you start trying to appeal to what seems to be their common taste, and i aint like them faggots. I just wanna be myself, and no one salutes me for that. So what am i to join their humpty group? NOT A GAY, THATS FOR SURE.

Well i hope this piece of insight was worthwhile for you, and youre welcome. I just think that NG as a community is a worthless cause, since they all end up wanting and doing the same shit and they do nothing but behaving like a bunch of wiseasses and flame when people like me criticize some elements of NG. Sure this site has given birth to so many great artists and animators, but who controls them? No really, who makes them to make shit as if theyre forced in some sense? The community, thats what. Not even that, how can they give room to someone like KIRBOPHER? They give him plenty of positive scores, one begins to wonder if you can even put your trust in this... community. I am bumped out if my efforts arent relevant to this group love they got for faggots like him. Its been pretty gay if you ask me.

But yeah, i hope you aint mad for some reason so far cuz i aint mad at ya either, not a bit :) Its just me, i like to rant. But im also frustrated, you probably notice that too the way i type. But not mad at you or anything, no hate no beef. Peace man, i hope you want the same.

It really breaks my heart to see you becoming so bitter and cynical at such a tender age. I miss the wide-eyed, happy-go-lucky Hammi that hung around the art forum... leaving comments, lightening the mood, and just making it a more enjoyable place to visit. I hope he comes back some day! <3

Ack, ReNaeNae...

i just... cant help it, i mean ugh. I wish things were different. Instead im left faithless about everything. As a result, im paranoid and yes bitter :\ I have changed in terms of views and attitude. And because of that, i simply cant force up a good mood back in me again, unless i have a reason to. I doubt i got any for the time being. In fact ive started to believe that no one deserves my benevolence, so i just leave it there. Its depressing but thats the life i gotta lead from here on...

I told myself not to be any near the forum. I remember how miserable i felt in there in the end, and how many conflicts i started having with some certain users. Still im surprised that you keep on coming back here despite i pulled out of the art forum completely last year... and to think that you still remember my past efforts, it really moves me. So heres a big smile for you ReNaeNae :D


The art portal is flawed in nature, simply because it is not based around open voting for all users like the rest of the site... instead, moderators get to choose what stays and what doesn't, but since most of the moderators are just as hopelessly stupid as the rest of the userbase the only result is that both bad and niché things are ignored or removed if just one moderators thinks it is unsuitable. Not to mention that the inability to upload photographies, while logical in this sense, is anothe form of censorship imposed as there can be good and bad photos... like with everything else. Of course, there's still a lot of shit and idiotic stuff passing through either way, since technical skill does not make something an artistic accomplishment.


You just further enforced my point regarding the whole ordeal they call the art portal

thank you sin.


So what province of Pakistan are you from?


well actually Kashmirian but my forefathers moved to Punjab a longass time ago before the separation, thats for sure.

no offense to you but i never found your art that great in the first place

you make the same mistake almost all the artist on the forums do. you add to much detail without adding depth

so hope ya had fun and fuck off <)

oh hey youre that guy who used to fag up on Fatchaos' art thread, remember?

yeah i thought you ran off like a bitch after we shut your unhelpful goofy ass up

i rather fap to dragonesses than having you blocking my view with your ugly snapshot

oh wait its supposed to be you LOL

fatchos is good at drawing animals and sucks at drawing people
he needs to stop pornin' things up

anyways you were always in the shadow of fatchos and scorpions art in my opinion

saying the guy who has never earned genuine respect from serious art lovers

lmao you really suck at getting me down, i know what youre trying to do to me you putz

i dont give a shit what either of them did to get their share of this "famedom" youre hinting to, you just want your dick sucked but youre nowhere getting that luxury so quit your shitty remarks

also you should quit telling people how to do their shit, you goddamn faggot

okay fine, i didn't mean it that fuckin way but fine. i'll have a thread with my serious artwork up this week

so i guess you're gonna have to go to your personal hell to prove a point

hehheh, irony

wake up and smell the burn, if youre gonna keep on acting like a wiseass by yappin like that then expect a foot up your ass

i know how people like you are, you like to point finger at people and act like the biggest dipshit around just because you see things that offend you and you cant stop bitching about it

there is no irony, sure i address to issues and express my views about them so freely like i want on my userpage but you however... you go from thread to thread and bug the shit out of artists who dont suit your so called taste and act like a total wiseass without having anything to back your excuses with so yeah


i said irony cause to prove that you're right you have to go to the art portal to read a thread i'll be posting, eh i'd say about wed. or thurs. and the only thing i don't like around here is how people won't accept the fact that i am uncomfortable with releasing personal information even if it is as minor as a drawing

oh wait what, sorry i didnt catch that but anyway im just gonna post a new post right now